14 Inspiring Ideas For Writing A Dissertation On Statistics

Statistics is a complex subject. Writing a dissertation on statistics will take you a lot of time and effort. However, if you chose the right topic, it’ll be easier and more interesting for you to deal with this task. If you cannot come up with a good topic to write your paper on, you should look at the list of ideas below.

  1. Methods of selecting variables in the random effects model.
  2. The evaluation of the confidence interval construction.
  3. The evaluation of the portfolio performance in different financial models.
  4. The collection of data for the statistical network analysis: new approaches.
  5. Using the approach of hierarchical linear modeling to predict the music revenue.
  6. Applying synthetic over-sampling techniques to classify imbalanced data.
  7. Respondent-driven sampling: a comparison of different estimators.
  8. Using statistics methods to predict gene regulation in higher organisms.
  9. The collection and exploration of personal data: online tools.
  10. Spatial-temporal point processes: recent advances.
  11. View-invariant object recognition: the integration of 3D and 2D representations.
  12. Using the experimental intervention for the sparse causal network estimation.
  13. Using the regularization to reconstruct DNA copy number.
  14. Non-regular fractional factorial designs: comparing analysis methods.

It’s likely that one of these ideas will inspire you on coming up with an original topic for your dissertation. However, you should remember that even a brilliant topic won’t guarantee you a high score. You should conduct a thorough investigation and put a lot of effort when composing your paper. Don’t forget to regularly visit your instructing professor. They’ll indicate your mistakes and will give you valuable advice on how to continue your research.

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