Writing A Thesis: Tips & Tricks From Successful Students

Writing a thesis is considered a boring and difficult task, though it’s an inevitable stage in the life of every student. Is there a way to avoid the stress while writing a thesis and accomplish it successfully? Students who succeeded in writing their theses share the experience:

  1. Work here and now. Writing a thesis takes really much time. One should start working as soon as possible. An early start is a good start. The first step is to propose the dissertation idea.
  2. Systematize your data. If you don’t want to get lost in the vast labyrinth of the information, you should organize your notes properly. Make a list of necessary literature and write short notes with the most important information on each book.
  3. Benefit from technological progress. There is a lot of useful software that may come in hand for students. These are reference manager programs, mind map builders, various organizers etc.
  4. Create a plan and stick to it. Writing a thesis is not the only responsibility of a graduate student. It is rather problematic to find enough time to work on it. A good plan will help organize time properly. Write down all your routine and then leave all free time for the project.
  5. Set realistic goals. Divide your work into small parts corresponding to the whole period of thesis writing. Make sure that the number of pages written daily is approximately the same. You don’t have to write everything at the last moment.
  6. Find a comfortable place to work. A proper work demands high concentration. Find a place, where nobody can interrupt you. Try different places: a library, your home, a park, or even a café.
  7. Communicate with other students. It’s better to work on this project among other students who are also writing their theses. Share your ideas with the others and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Remember that you are not alone. Many students do the same. Support each other.
  8. Read other theses. Reviewing the best examples of students’ works can give you insight into what a perfect paper is.
  9. Take care of yourself. A thesis process is a toilsome work, but your well-being is more important. A thesis should not become the reason of the nervous breakdowns. Eat properly, sleep enough and leave time to meet your friends and family.
  10. Reward yourself. After every accomplished goal, treat yourself: watch a movie or go to the café.