Essentials Of Writing An English Literature Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal is a necessary step for anyone wishing to acquire a Ph.D as it defines the course of action you are likely to take during the completion of your final dissertation. You will be required to construct a well done proposal to present to your educators, who will decide on the value and validity of your proposed research.

As in real world research, one must be able to show that there is sufficient reason for conducting the study they have chosen. This opens the way for funding and other requirements of any good research project, so it must be unique in its construction. The following is a short list of the essentials required to write a good English dissertation proposal:

  1. Prove your ability to accomplish the research your propose.
  2. One of the main purposes of a proposal is the secure the rights, or funding, to perform a particular project. This means that the first thing you are required to do is show that you are indeed the right person for the job. Provide information, references, accomplishments and even qualifications to show that you are capable of conducting the task you propose.

  3. You must present an interesting idea or phenomena to study
  4. Before you even begin to claim the right to a project, you must also present a project that persons believe are worthy of being pursued. These things can cost a lot of money so naturally, financiers and educators do not wish to have time and resources wasted on useless proposals.

  5. Formulate a testable hypothesis
  6. You must have your hypothesis ready for the initial proposal as well. This statement will help drive through the significance of your ideas and you should work hard at making it a powerful one. Remember, you must be able to show that you have the means to test this hypothesis, be practical when formulating it.

  7. You must provide a course of action to test your hypothesis
  8. The methods you intend to use to come to your conclusion are important and you must ensure that you propose acceptable methods. Be careful of health and environmental regulations when designing your project.

  9. Show that your methods are acceptable
  10. You will be required to demonstrate, or give reason for, the course of action you have chosen. This can be done by referring to past works or by going into the technicalities, with proper referencing, behind your choice.