A List Of Great University Dissertation Writing Ideas In Literature

A dissertation in literature can be an exciting, interesting project though many students can’t believe it. There is one thing that turns a dull project into a delightful journey into the world of knowledge, and this thing is called a strong and interesting topic.

When you choose a topic for such a bulk project, you need to be very attentive. Your choice determines a lot of things. To begin with, it’s the mood with which you are going to write your dissertation. Then, it’s the amount of reference information that you can find in libraries or on the Web. Finally, it’s the interest of readers that you seek while writing. If you give preference to a catchy, novel topic that makes you search for more information with eagerness and zest, you will see that instead of being a torture, your dissertation will turn into a precious experience.

Quite often, students are allowed to choose topics for their works on their own. As soon as it’s quite difficult to find out a catchy and unique one, they take advantage of lists of ready suggestions that can be found on the Internet. You will find a sample of such a list below. Any of the given topic suggestions are ready to use providing they meet your demands and specialization.

  1. The origin and development of a novel.
  2. Biblical motifs in the literature of the seventeenth century.
  3. The essence of a gothic novel and it’s place in the literature of the nineteenth century.
  4. The stunning development of literature since the sixteenth century up to the present days.
  5. The infinite interconnection between philosophy and literature.
  6. The role of psychology in modern novels.
  7. The way the development of science has influenced the development of literature and its genres.
  8. The multiple implications in the modern novels and the modern art, in general.
  9. The first appearance of consumerism in literature.
  10. The prophets: How prominent writers of the past centuries predicted events and inventions from the future.
  11. The vision of nature that is characteristic for the seventeenth-century poetry.
  12. The establishment of the metaphysical tradition in the nineteenth-century literature.
  13. The change in the religious world outlook in the nineteenth century and its impact on the contemporary literature.
  14. The perception of genders, their representation in the literature of the nineteenth century.
  15. The simultaneous development of naturalism, realism, and mysticism in the nineteenth-century literature.