Searching For An Example Of A Dissertation Acknowledgement Page: Vital Advice

The dissertation is a long and drawn out piece of research where you will spend many hours investigating a topic and leveraging resources from a variety of different avenues. Many of these resources and aids will donate their time for free and this is why the acknowledgement page is so critical as your work is drawing to a close. Here is vital advice to remember when composing this page to ensure no one is forgotten.

  • Keep records throughout your research
  • First and foremost when you are beginning research for a dissertation, it is important to begin keeping good notes on who has provided assistance. The research process for this type of work will span many months and even years and when it finally comes time to begin the writing process you may not remember those people who helped at the beginning of the process. Throughout the process take notes of the people you worked with and be sure to include them in the acknowledgement page when you compose the final piece.

  • Remember companies that aided your work
  • Truly memorable research often leverages the assistance of large companies and even the government. These two valuable resources will have the funding and tools you need to complete certain aspects of your research. Remember to include them in your acknowledgement page as well to show that you respect and value their contributions to your research. Forgetting them could impact your chances for a job in future so be sure to include them.

  • Professors and teachers
  • It may seem obvious at first but one of the most important groups of people to include are your professors and teachers. These resources will provide coaching and guidance throughout the process and without them you may not have known how to go about the work from the start. Remember to include them in your acknowledgement page to show them you appreciate their efforts.

  • Family and friends
  • When you are researching and composing a paper of this size you will not have the time you normally have to spend with family and friends. So, when you are composing the acknowledgement page, make sure to recognize their sacrifices to the entire effort. They will appreciate the recognition and know that they contributed to the success of your dissertation when they see their names in the acknowledgement page at the end of the project.